Today’s footage, sent to dickdorm.com by students from a dorm in Louisiana is called “Get Some Hot Nuts.” The authors described the recording as a baptism of fire for new residents Dick Dorm. Older students, young people told to strip naked and lie back on the floor. They did not know that their pimps are gay, and head to fall into their stupid ideas. One of the executioners took his mother and he bent down over the face of the first boy. The poor man had to suck eggs, and lick his anus. When this is done with total disgust, torturer let gases in the face of the young. All the elders burst out laughing. Young one was not so happily, because what they got later, it was completely cruelty … DickDorm.com

See straight guys do very gay acts to get accepted! Real tapes from college parties and fraternity rituals!

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